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A little bit of Boston and Minneapolis

There are lots of pictures here of our days in Vermont, and mana_trini made the effort to write in English. Check it out, and that way I won't have to recap, too. :D

We had a nice day in Boston, walking the Freedom Trail, even though the good weather only lasted the length of our bus ride from New Hampshire. I actually got teary-eyed standing outside the Old State House, reading about the Declaration of Independence being read from the balcony to the Bostonian masses gathered in the street below.


We slept in the airport, getting up at 4:00am to catch our plane to Minneapolis.


Long day that ended well with a reunion with my dear friend Carolyn, whom I met while au pairing in Paris. Again, we've had crap weather, but we don't mind so much. Hanging out with our friends has been fantastic. On Sunday we had brunch at Care's parents' place and then went to a matinee show of a play she is in: The Movie Game...


The next night we went bowling (Carolyn kicked our tails with a triple digit score, but Julien won the style award.)


...and then out to a Charlie Parr (Minnesotan bluegrass style) concert. So much fun. Julien may want to live in Minneapolis now! 

I rented our car online about an hour ago, and then Carolyn, who is a massage therapist, gave me massage to relax me from all the stressful comparison shopping.  We hit the road tomorrow for the Badlands.  We're going to be camping (bought the most awesome sleeping bags here!) from here on out, so updates will likely be even scarer.
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