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Holy Audacity, Batgirl

I'm getting pieces ready for the June SOD challenge, and I must admit that it makes me queasy to contemplate writing cover letters, not to mention the sheer audacity involved in thinking that someone might actually be interested in my work. I want to aim high at first, but my mind keeps screaming, "Reality check!"

Anyone want to tell me how a cover letter for a short story differs from that of a novel?

Status of projects: 

  1. Softer Than a Zephyr - edited and ready
  2. Merry Malicious and the Big Fat Dare - busy having the verbiage mowed. Need to trim out another 500 words for the target market to accept it.
  3. From Patient File - in the queue
  4. Singwolf - in the queue
  5. An Unenlightened Spirit -  in the queue
  6. The Tree of Patience -  has had preliminary tweaks, but still working on the end.  (Don't even have a proper title)
  7. The Oracle's Last Prophecy - probably not going to do anything with this one.  Mostly just wanted to play around and the result isn't anything exceptional.
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