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I have a feeling we're not in Mayotte any more!

1) I must say that WiFi and high speed adsl connections really rock! I'm mucho in love.

2) I have not written a single word since we've been back in France. I must rectify that. The muse has not been complaining, however, and I guess that makes it easier to give in to visiting, relaxing, and the need/desire to rest. Still, I have a deadline and must meet it. 

So says I.

3) I am having a devil of a time getting used to these long days. The sun sets around 9:00 p.m., and around 7:30 p.m., I think it is only 4 in the afternoon.
4) I've already been to see the eye doctor, dentist, and a general practitioner (tomorrow, we return for the first of our vaccinations for the RWT). Yesterday, I had a CAT-scan, and all is well. My mother suffered a ruptured aneurysm a few years back, and my great-grandmother died from one. Because of my frequent headaches, I thought it was something worth checking out.
5) I get to sleep with a blanket! It's so soft, like a teddy bear. And I get to cuddle with my husband. No sweating, icky "Ugh, don't touch me" feelings.
6) We've already been to two art exhibitions and an outdoor light and sound theatrical production (in the medieval city of Carcassonne). We have two concerts, an annual village fair, another expo (African textiles), and a RUGBY match programmed for this weekend.

So nice to be back where we can go to cultural events whenever the whim takes us.

Pictures to follow...
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