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Signing off from Mayotte

This truly will be my last post from Mayotte. These days are filled with lasts, and as used to moving and leaving behind places and friends as I am, I still have an ache in my heart today as I think about parting from our home of the last three years. This afternoon, it is hitting me hard that the final moments and quick visits to favorite haunts are really and truly lasts. 

Here is your final glimpse of Mayotte (posted from Mayotte. I have a few things to share that must bide until I have more time). I took the photo this morning at Badamier Beach after dropping Julien off at the quay for his last spearfishing expedition.

Maybe not what you were expecting, but I don't have the heart for color.

Next time I see you, it will be from the shadow of the Black Mountains in France. Fare you well until then...
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