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...but not quite!

The net connection at Lionel's house is as infernal and unstable as I thought it would be (I've been disconnected four times just trying to get this page open), so I'm not going to take the time to respond individually to all who wished us well. Here is your collective thank you: Thanks for thinking of us! *g*

Two days after emptying our house, we are still in the middle of sorting our affairs. I weighed our baggage and cats today, and we are 40+ kilos over our limit. That means we have 120 kilos of stuff to haul with us!!! Needless to say, the post is cheaper than air fret, so we are in the middle of weeding out some of the heavier stuff and putting it into boxes to mail ourselves. Why oh why did we not do a better job when we packed for our shipping container?

No idea (well, aside from the rush and tiredness), but done is done. We have to live with the mess we still have. Luckily, Lionel flew back to continental France on Monday, so he has not seen the bombsite that is now his house. Our fellow house squatters arrive on Saturday, but for our own sanity, I would like to wrap it all up today.

We have yet to take advantage of our last days here because we are so worn out and busy taking care of last minute details, not to mention because the weather has been horrid with too much wind (our night dive was cancelled! *wails* And there won't be another before we leave) and even hissing, spitting, unseasonal rainshowers. I haven't written since Monday; I'm so exhausted every night that I can't sleep; the mattress we have here sucks so bad that I wake up several times per night with cramps in my neck, back, and thighs. We have had no water since 8 a.m. today... All in all, I'm just ready for this stage to be over.

Enough whinging. Think happy thoughts. Happy. Happy.

Back to work.
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