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Contrary Winds and Other Matters of Preoccupation

Yes, we did go sailing on Thursday and Friday.

No, we did not make it around the island. The winds did not will it so. Instead we got as far as M'tsamboro, an isle northwest of Grande Terre. I got a bit seasick so took two motion-sickness pills that knocked me out. I went down and napped in the "coffin" (berth) as we skipped the waves around M'tsamboro, struggling to get closer to it. We dropped anchor in the lee of the island and spent the night there. 

Grande Terre on the left, M'tsamboro on the right.

Aren't those colors too incredible for words?

mana_trini , spearfisher extraordinaire, et François went hunting the next morning and brought back three yummy fishes. Delphine took Titouan for a ride in her kayak while I snorkeled and saw my first-ever pencil sea urchin.

Even though we didn't make it around Mayotte, even though we saw nary a whale or dolphin, and even though we had engine trouble that delayed our departure and our return (contrary winds, read "nonexistant," remember?), we had a good time. I'm glad we went.

Once we got back, it was time to cook and clean for the going away party. I cooked too much. We have leftovers out the wazoo, but that means I don't have to worry about cooking as we pack up and move to Lionel's house for our last week here in Mayotte.

Speaking of moving, I've got to get to sorting and packing. We vacate the house tomorrow afternoon because NIGHT DIVING, baby, tomorrow at sunset. It'll be my second time and Julien's first. I'm psyched. I'll wax ecstatic on Tuesday if we have the net at L's house.

There are good things, many of them, amidst the bustle and sadness of leaving our home of the past three years.

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