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This calls for a word meter

Last night, I reached 70K on my WIP after a 2336-word session. I'm actually feeling like I'm going to reach the end of this before the big trip.

Besides all the hassle and hustle-bustle of moving and getting back in touch with family, friends, and country that one has left for 3 years, I foresee a slacking of pace once I finish up Mirco's chapters. Which will happen by next Monday. I did the easy POV lines first, Baxente and Mirco, easy because their stories are independent of the other three POVs for the moment and I could write each one straight through.

When I get back into Srila, Qeoe, and Lelo's POVs, I'm going to have to worry more about timelines and how quickly info can travel, etc. I won't be able to get into one voice and write to the end of the line because what happens in one's POV will affect the other characters' actions and reactions. Fun in its own way, but trickier--for me--to write.

I'll climb that peak of plot mountain when I come to it. Now back to Mirco and my third chapter of the week...
Tags: accomplishments, that thing called writing, witherwilds, word count

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