The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Our couch has been surfed!

 This weekend, mana_trini and I are hosting our first-ever couchsurfers. In a bid to double the fun, we are hosting not one but two couples at the same time.  Sadly, we can't offer them much comfort with all our blankets, etc. already on a boat to mainland France. They don't seem to mind, however, and I am doing my best to feed them well. ;) We took them to Grande Terre yesterday to see the 26th annual Tire Race, and today, Julien has taken them on a hike around the Lake Dziani crater and the Moya beaches.

I hope we are going to be able to do some serious surfing on our trip around the world. It's such a cool way to get to know people and the places they call home.
Tags: round-the-world

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