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An LJ post doesn't exactly count as writing

... or does it?  

No, I didn't think so.

Yesterday, I wrote 3141 words, 2000 of those on the chapter that I have to finish today. I am hopeful that I'll get it done.

So, if I'm not finished yet, why am I blogging?  Because I have to squee.

After reading this post by jpsorrow  of The Skewed Throne, The Cracked Throne, and The Vacant Throne fame, I felt more comfy inserting some of the cultural and religious aspects of Baxente's society. I know that Baxente (one of my POVs) is going to have a confrontation with a religious figure, and he is going to learn some stuff about his nation's history that he never suspected. That makes it important for me to know how this web of power, politics, religion, colonization, etc. actually works in my world, so I can show the reader why it matters to Baxente. Problem was, up until now, more than one thing was just a bit hazy to me.

During yesterday's writing session, I opened the door to my imagination and let characters start strolling out. I got some weird stuff, some unique stuff. And I like it. I like it enough that it is kindling story love for me. So far I've had a bit of idea love, a case of character love, but not much story love. I'm finally getting there.

Feels great.
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