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Here By Glimps--

 *sigh* I haven't been out taking photos lately, and I don't have any to show you of the island right now.

I had a whole file of them, but that was on the external hard drive that "crashed." Remember? The one where I found the files still on it and only needed to buy a recovery program to get them back?

Yeah, well, J took it to work instead and asked his computer tech colleagues to have a look at it.

Yes, the files are there, they said, just reformatted for Ubuntu (remember the returned pc?)  We can get them back for you. Just have to wait on X to bring in his machine.

So we waited. And waited. And J finally went back and asked where the drive was because, frankly, the wait was getting ridiculous.

The external hard drive's cover was there...BUT NOTHING ELSE. They stole or lost it.  All our photos, our videos, our memories, my book files.

I was so disgusted and hurt and angry that I never blogged about it, but now, looking at my meager photo album, I'm reminded of it all again.

I hereby solemnly swear to myself to get out this week and take some more photos. I will not leave Mayotte with bitter loss in my mouth; I will make new memories of my time here.
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