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Don't let them fool you

 If ever someone tells you that planning a round-the-world trip is easy, you have my permission to spit in their eye tell them it isn't so. There are soooooo many things to plan and think about, and of course, J and I, being laid-back, procrastinating people, are awash in a plethora of details that range from pressing to annoying.

Where's the anal plan-everything-a-year-in-advance gene when you need it?

Among the things to work out:
- Which travel company to buy our RWT tickets from;
- Visas
- Which credit card to go with (this is extremely important; not only for insurance purposes but because bank fees can vary by as much as €900 for the amount of money and trip duration we are talking about)
- Doctors' appts (eye, dental, vaccinations...)
- What to see in NYC;
- How best to meet up with friends *waves at mindseas *;
- How to get from NYC to chez rabiagale ;
- Best airfare to get to Minnesota;
- Best vehicle rental option for 55-day, 10-state road trip (car, camper van? camper van then car...?) 
- Exactly which parks, forest, etc do we want to see and how much time in each...

And sheesh, that's only part of our USA trip. We haven't even touched on the other six countries.

Would it be too wimpy if I said, "Shoot me now?"
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