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Breaking it down

 I have a scene list worked out for Witherwilds. It's erroneous because things have evolved, but it's a handy guide to have all the same. Not so handy when it's packed away in a box on a USB key and a backup CD.

It's in Excel formant anyhow, and I wanted to use Scrivener's note card/corkboard feature to work with chapter order. (Thanks,  secritcrush  for the software rec!) So, yesterday, I spent several  hours nutting out the scenes I need for book one of the trilogy. Before, I listed all of them up to the end of the story, but I wasn't sure where my book breaks would fall.

I want to work towards a big whammy for all the POVs, and I want those black moments to fall as near to the end of this volume as possible. The difficulty with having 5 POVs, who aren't in the same country, facing the same problems/events, is synchronizing them. Welcome to Timeline Hell.

I finally got a layout that is pretty close to workable. It comes to a total of 32 chapters. If I average 4K/chapter, we are once again looking at a 120K project. And here I was so hoping it would be 100K max. *sigh*

I have 7.5 of those 32 chapters written. For ease, let's say I'll have that half finished today. So, 8 of 32. I'm 1/4 of the way through. I want to achieve FIrst Draft by Sept 15, a week before I go globetrotting.  Only 24 chapters to go! says she with falsely bright enthusiasm.

You see where this is going, don't you?

Yes, I want to set a goal.

If I can write two chapters a week, I can get that first draft. I will have weeks, like when we leave Mayotte and first arrive back in France, the week of my b-i-l's wedding,  the times we must dedicate to family visits, the obligatory trip to Sancerre, etc. etc. when I'll be hard pressed to write that much. However, before we leave here, I should have a few weeks where I can do more than two.  I think I can make it balance out.

I really, really want to do this. And if I really, really do, then I really, really can.

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