The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Just call me Blithe, Blithely Accepting

 Or, "Conversations with a Sickpea." Taking a page from frigg 's book, here is a convo the two of us just had on chat:

moi: I think that now that the packing is out of the way, I should (first clean my house) buckle down and try to get a first draft of this story down before our world trip

Elle: your life is so interesting

moi: it is? *thinks maybe frigg  has just read latest post on Madagascar*

Elle: How many people could write a sentence like that! :D 

moi: lol

Elle: Oh yeah, very nonchalant.

moi: yeah, cleaning house is very unique. :P

Elle: I'll just clean the house, write a little and then go on a world trip. :D

moi. :D  well, when you put it that way
Tags: hodgepodge

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