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Wedding Anniversary

Today was the fifth wedding anniversary of the wubs and the weefée. Because he is working the late shift at the Printemps de Bourges, gets in at 3am, and sleeps until 11am, and because she works from 10:30-12:30 and 3-7 (the wubs leaves at 5:45pm), lunch at a restaurant was the only reasonable thing to do for a celebration.

So, they went to a very nice restaurant called La Côte des Monts Damnés. (Named "that damned hill" by winegrowers in the past because it is so hard to harvest since it has a very steep grade.)

The wubs had:
Tarte Tatin de pomme de terre et foie gras
sandre avec son sauce morille et asperges
fromage (chevre, bien entendu)
Poire avec caramel et glace à la gingembre

The weefée had:
Tagiatella au crottin de Chavignol avec son beurre de muscade
Roulade de poulet de Bresse avec truffes de l'orient (et une purée de topinambour!!! delicieux)
(same as the wubs)
Millefeuille avec fraise

en amuse bouches
we had salade de lentilles avec son huile d'amandes and after the meal we had expressos with petit fours.

No, I'm not doing a translation, checking the spelling, gender agreement, or accents (read lack thereof.) I'm tired and I'm going to bed....alone. *wails* Dratted night shift.

(btw, I live in wine country, sell wine, but I don't drink much of it. However, J had two glasses with lunch [a red and a white] and they were both yummy. Which really goes to show that it isn't that I don't like wine. I only like the good stuff. frigg will say that is because I'm a food snob, but considering the excellent wines C served us when we went to Switzerland, she is one to talk)
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