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Pull out the suitcases

 If I wasn't feeling so icky, I guess I would be feeling harried. We leave for Madagascar tomorrow morning, and I have yet to clean the house, yet to pack my bags, yet to finish a half a dozen projects that need my attention. But the three weeks of mora mora (taking it easy) in Madagascar have already started to work on me. No stress; no worries, man. Be happy.

So, no me until the 4th of June, and maybe not even then, for lo, Julien tells me that we must pack and do our inventory for our shipping container ON THE 4th if we want it to leave the 15th. And, due to popular demand, I will be at the market to sell my jewelry on the 6th. I foresee lots of fun times in my future.

In the meantime, ya'll be good now, ya hear?
Tags: madagascar, putting on my travelin' shoes
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