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Halt, Robber! Police!

  A good ear and fitfull sleep ("thanks" to my illness) are what helped me hear the would-be burglars who just tried to break into our house. They are the reason I'm not a-bed and a-dreaming at 1:50 a.m. 

We forgot to lock the front gate tonight--and, come to think of it, for the past few nights (getting complacent as the end draws nigh)--and I heard it opening oh-so-softly. I leaped out of bed and saw a kid--in his early teens--stepping out into the street.

My "Hey, what do you think you're doing here? Julien, wake up!" sent him and his cohort-in-the-shadows scrambling. The one I saw was in a yellow shirt (polo t-shirt, I believe) and light-colored (probably white) capri-style pants. I'm too tired to think of what those pants are called when a guy is wearing them. :P Anyhow, Yellow Shirt bolted down the street, jumped on the bicycle he'd left parked on the corner, and zipped away, while Cohort kept to the shadows and hightailed it up the ravine of the Vigie.

Julien called the gendarmes and asked them to alert any patrol cars they have out. We expect nothing to come of that. A quick tour of the yard showed the thwarted thieves hadn't had time to take anything. Our laundry would have been the most they got in any case.
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