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The joke was on me

The expo last night at the gendarmerie was pretty much a joke. The lady who "organized" it didn't really spread the word, and those who turned up were there for their regular Friday night gathering, not to see my wares. The organizer cut out after 10-15 minutes, leaving me on my own. Or I would have been on my own if I didn't happen to have an acquaintance among those present.

I didn't have the car and was only too happy when the time rolled around for Julien to retrieve me (2.5hrs later). I'm coming down with something--sore throat, (nausea and vertigo thrown in last night), sneezing, and congestion--so I needed my bed more than standing in a corner, vainly hoping more people would show up to make it worth my while.

I did sell three necklaces and a bracelet; the night was not a total wash. My major consolation is that I did not run myself ragged this week, preparing for the expo. It was as if some part of me was already knowing and accepting of the turnout.
Tags: ickiness, jewelry-making, whinging

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