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No rest for the weary

Camerone, the French Foreign Legion carnival here in Mayotte, is over; alas, that does not mean I can rest. I have several custom orders to fill now, and I still have an expo to prepare for at the gendarmerie next Friday.* And my house. Oh my Lord, my house! I spent several years of my childhood growing up in a children's home, and one of my housemothers used to "tornado" rooms that didn't pass inspection. She'd empty drawers, pull off bedclothes and mattresses, yank clothes from hangers... My house looks like she came for a visit, only, instead of shorts, shirts, and sheets, there are bits of banana leaves, coconut fibers, drift wood, beads, wire, and hand tools scattered everywhere. :( So, yeah, no rest.

When I look at the success I've had with my crafting, I want to kick myself for not seriously starting earlier. So many people wanted to know where my "store" was and if I had a business card. And word of mouth would have worked fabulously for me because the island is so small, and everyone knows everyone. A lot of people came up to me and said, "Oh, you're Miquela. I've heard about the beautiful things you make!"

I've determined to continue once we move back to continental France, but the buying public will be so different that I don't think I can bank on having the same amount of success. I hope that I do, however; I have so many ideas that I'd like to make a reality.

As you can see from the following, I've followed my artistically bent heart and branched out a bit from jewelry making. Click photos to enlarge 
Coco lamp Coco lamp

Sold! to the lady who is probably my biggest patron (the one who hosted my first expo at her house and encouraged me to sell at Camerone). She's obviously a fan of what I do. :D
Calbasse lamp Calbasse lamp

I hope no one buys this one, so we can take it home with us.
baobab baobab

First foray into modeling clay.
coco bark mirror coco bark mirror

Sold! Sans model. :P

* remember this entry where I said I was going to take it easy after May 2? Yeah, guess the joke's on me. Yet another expo. Actually, this one was planned, but I hadn't heard confirmation, so I thought it might have been cancelled. No such *luck.*

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