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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

 Our landlord gave us permission to find the next renters so that we can find someone interested in taking our furniture, appliances, etc.

We found someone through one of J's colleagues.

That someone agreed to our deal and then asked for the landlord's number, which J gave willingly.

Later the same day, the landlord told us that the lady had called and had sounded very nervous.

We then received an email from her saying she would be taking the house--and had already reserved it--but she would not be taking our furniture as agreed.

We said that wasn't the deal.

She said we misunderstood her intent and "Oh, so sorry, but that's the way it is. I already reserved the house with the landlord."

We politely told her that we are waiting on a response from someone else, so she called the landlord, behind our backs, if you will, and insisted she wanted the house UNFURNISHED. The landlord told her he was confused because he knew we wanted to sell our things. She INFORMED him that she was arriving soon, she had reserved it, and would soon set matters straight. He didn't like her tone and basically informed her right back that he is letting us find the next renters.

I dearly hope we find someone else. Just the thought of losing to a double-crosser like that chaps my hide.

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