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Someday or soon

 Those seem to be my words of choice of late.

I want to blog about various things but find I don't have the time. The end of our stay in Mayotte is rapidly approaching. We asked to fly to Toulouse on August 4. That leaves us three and half months to do oh-so-much stuff.

Our eighth wedding anniversary is coming up, and I know J is planning a four-day surprise getaway (April 24-28). Then, on April 30 and May 1, I have a outdoor carnival to attend where I'll sell my jewelry and crafts. So, naturally, I'm spending every day creating. May 2nd is the market in Coconi, one of the busiest of the year. We'll be in Madagascar from May 14-June 4. The June market in Coconi is the 6th of June, and I should go to that one, too, because it will be my last here in Mayotte.

The July market will likely be slow, but more importantly, everything should be in a shipping container, on its way back to mainland France by then, leaving me with nothing on hand to sell.

Between all the crafting and traveling, we need to: get estimates for moving companies, pack, sell belongings and car, vaccinate animals, sell the boats, close the utilities, and I-can't-think-what-else. Oh, and I should write and crit.

I think I'm going to stop giving English lessons on May 13. That should free up a little time.
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