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I came back from Dubai with goodies for Julien, but while I was gone, he bought his own goody. What does he need me for?  He told me he was counting on me to talk to sense into him about the purchase, but while in Dubai, when I called him on Tuesday, he told me, "Honey, I'm going to buy a sailboat!"  Lionel more wisely told Sabrina: Honey, I'm going to test a sailboat.

This isn't only *our* catmaran; we bought it with two other couples (L and S being one of them). Guess we'll be going out on the sea quite a bit in the next four, make that three.  We'll be in Madagascar almost a month (May-June); bought the tickets today.

Sitting pretty
Sitting pretty
Apéro Apéro

The inauguration of "Question d'Equilibre"
  Bandrele Bandrele

Isn't that fisheye lens the funnest toy ever? :P Hoisting the sails Hoisting the sails
  Bellied sails Bellied sails
  Tranquility Tranquility

I'm going to miss this lagoon....

Back to Dubai photos.

: Sorry, thought I put those photos under a cut.
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