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Busier than the bees

 I haven't been around of late because I was preparing for that jewelry expo thing I believe I mentioned awhile back. It went really well, and I sold a few hundred euros worth of pieces, not to mentioned garnered another invite for the same type of event. So, lots of jewelry-making happening in the Faure household. Julien even helped me pierce seeds, and my neighbor, Mouniba, came over to sew little gift sacks to offer to my clients.

Because of the harry, hurry, and stress of preparing for the expo--and making special orders since then--I haven't been able to be as active as I wanted on the workshop. I did pass the 400-lifetime-crits mark about a week ago, though, so that's one goal met. 

This week, things shall not slow down, for there is still jewelry to make, my house to clean for guests from The Old Continent, and my luggage to pack for Dubai (I'll be gone Saturday to Thursday). Not to mention my shopping list to finalize.  Ugh, shopping. My holiday isn't going to be very restful, I'm afraid.

No one fling that "rest for the wicked" saying at me, ok? I'm not *that* bad.
Tags: jewelry-making, oww, putting on my travelin' shoes
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