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You gotta love this island, you really do

 So, is there anywhere else in this world that you can go seven months without paying your water bill and never once get a letter asking you to pay up or lose your water privileges? Apparently in Mayotte, it's perfectly possible.

Back in July, when we moved, we had to sign a new contract with the water company, close our old account, etc. And at that time, we specified that we'd like to continue having our bills deducted automatically from our bank account. Did that happen?  No. Did I realize that it wasn't happening? No. Yeah, I suck at bookkeeping. Anyhow, today, with no warning, I had no more water. Thinking it a general outage, I didn't do anything. Not until 2:30 when my neighbor told me *she* had water.

I called the water company, only to have them tell me that it's perfectly natural I don't have water--I haven't paid my bills. Well, can someone come turn it back on? I ask. Nope, they've all gone home for the day. At 2:30. Yeah, I'd like that kind of job.

So no water until tomorrow morning. Maybe.

In other island news, I saw my first pack of wild dogs tonight. Seven of them running in the night-quiet street, snuffling and bowling over garbage cans. I often hear them barking and howling, but not too close to this house. I'd never hurt them or run them off--I feel sorry for the poor, abused, abandoned things--but I wouldn't want to be caught out in the street with them. They're known to be vicious on occasion.

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