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 As the end of our stay in Mayotte draws near, I find myself torn. Excited about leaving, wishing mana_trini 's contract would be renewed for the fourth year. And everday, I encounter things that make me do the pendulum swing.

Cleaning mold from cabinets--inside and out--doors, appliances, I want to go, go, go. Ditto for getting eaten alive by mosquitos and having to use the air conditioner all the time. Same for the neighbors' spoiled, whiny I-am-GOD children.

But things like sitting in the office, seeing banana plants and coconut trees through the window; standing on the balcony to catch a glimpse of the lagoon, the smell of jasmine drifting up to me; watching geckos chase ants; spying a chameleon in the avocado tree; the laid-back life; the possibility of going for a swim in the ocean when I feel like it or picnicking on a deserted isle...those things make me want to stay.

But it's out of our hands regardless of all the pros and cons lists I come up with. 

All I can do is look forward to the next place we'll land.

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