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Today I...

 went for a short stroll and:

the almost-full moon, hanging over coconut trees
in front of which sat
a hummingbird, metallic-green feathered head flashing in the setting sun, atop a small accacia 
islets sitting in a sky-colored sea
the cows going home, ie a herd of zebus crashing out of the bushes to my right, taking a sharp right turn and meandering down the paved road in front of me before taking another right about a quarter of a mile down the road...all without the guiding hand of a herdsman.

said hummingbird singing to said moon
bare feet slapping as boys and girls ran down the hill past me
giant bats squabbling over roosts
zebus lowing
kittens mewling
"Madame, someone stole my bike!"
"Rastafari man!"

wet moss and rain damp fallen leaves
a crushed lime leaf
the leaves, berries, and flowers of a bush that reminds me sharply of a place I lived as a child

the stings of spiders that I disturbed being too curious about the plants around me
an ant stinging my toe when I tried to get too close to some flowers.
the tiny hairs on the stem of a creeping vine covered with vibrant pink, teardrop shaped blooms.

er, I was a good girl and didn't stick anything in my mouth.

Just thought I would share that
Tags: life in mayotte
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