The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
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Thanks so much

 Thanks, everyone, for your help with my poll.  I knew I was forgetting something, and it was the type of sites that my friend Sabrina could advertise with. As several of you pointed out, people don't tend to look for b&bs or guesthouses through big sites like Expedia.

Here are some photos of her place, Le Manoir,* for the curious.  (You need to click on the link to see the facade and the pool.)


The Chocolate-Pistachio room
The Driftwood room

The marvelous thing is that Sabrina and Lionel did everything in the bastide (which was a ruin when they bought it) by themselves. They have great taste, no?  And check out the surroundings. Makes one want to reserve a room right now. :P

* With an English-speaking friend, you'd imagine that the English text on Sabrina's site would be impeccable, and it would be if some (insert nasty name here) French lady who is a *certified translator* and works for S's webpage host hadn't fiddled with and ::cough:: improved what Sabrina and I came up with. "Sabrina and Lionel greet you in..."? o.O

The worst thing? When Sabrina politely insisted that she would like to keep the original text, the woman jumped all over her and basically insulted her, saying she could not hope to have the translator's level, so she needed to back off and let said "pro" *fix* what a native speaker had written.

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