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What's on the menu for today

Yesterday, I knew that my morning Reflexology class would make my day a wash, and sure enough, it did. My ride and I stayed after class, chatting with the hostess (the class is a casual thing, not an actual program I'm following). While that chat did eat away my morning, something good came of it--beside the pleasure of getting to know a nice lady. V, the hostess, wants to be a hostess for another ocassion: a jewelry party, pour moi! So, March 19, brunch at her place with lots of women who will hopefully be interested in buying my jewelry and other crafts.

By time I got home and had lunch with J, it was already 2 p.m. I was completely exhausted and suffering from the onset of a headach, so I napped until my class with A&C. The headache and lingering fatigue made me loath to cook, and J felt the same. A nice supper at a brochetti by the sea was in order.  Once back at the house, I worked on my plot for WW (in bed).

This morning, I woke up with the headache again, but I have things to get done!  Notably:

- sweep
- African dance class
- English class with A & C
- dishes

And other things that I would love to get done but am thinking are probably not:
- a crit for pjthompson - sorry, chica. I know I said I would try, but this headache is tenacious. :(
- a crit for mindseas - I've read GiaVW, but I just haven't had the feel-good time to comment. :( Soon!
- work on jewelry
- write
- tidy the living room

I think what I have to do is go lie down. Oh, and cave and take some painkillers.
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