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What is that new icon? you say.

Welllllll, that is a picture of the island I'm almost positively absolutely certain J and I will be moving to in July. Mayotte. J called this morning (he is on his way back to Rennes for the last two weeks of his training seminar) to tell me that the director of the PAF (frontier police) in Mayotte kept 42 candidates from the interviews (remember back in March when I asked you to keep your fingers crossed?) and J is one of them. So, as far as Monsieur le Directeur is concerned, we are accepted. However, we have to wait until May 2 for official word from the PAF headquarters in Paris. So don't uncross your fingers just yet, but you can loosen them a little.

Turtles, whales, dolphins, makis, here I come.

Let's not think about the humidity and chikungunya though.
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