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Haven't seen one of these in a while, have you?

As mmerriam</lj>  mentioned in a recent post, some of us work better when we have a schedule to stick to. As you all well know, I am one such, and if I want to be balanced and get a variety of things accomplished, I have to preplan some sort of structure into my day.  I feel particularly accountable when I put these on my LJ, so for this week, I'm going to give it a try again. mana_trini</lj>  bought me a nice, good-sized whiteboard (which is turning into a very handy plotting/brainstorming tool), and I'm going to try making lists on it, too, to-do lists, that is. Wish me lots of discipline. *g*

So, for today:
- Yoga
- 15 min. of meditation
- Make yoghurt

- Clean the kitchen
- 1hr on the net
- Sweep
- Mop
- Dust
- One Spanish lesson
- English lesson for E
-      "             "         "  A & C 
- Bellydancing
- Rewrite minimum 2pgs of WW opening

YAY me!
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