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To be loved

I love. I am loved. 

That is the only thing of note this Valentine's Day. No paper cards, no hothouse flowers, no store-bought chocolate to purchase and give. No fancy jewelry and expensive dinners out. No LJ virtual prezzies.

I shall give homemade and heartfelt words instead: "I love you." The same as I do everyday.

And that's enough for my loves and me.

Gestures are nice. When they are spontaneous. I think something is wrong if you have to wait for a yearly holiday to express love and romance.

In my opinion.

However! I do like holidays and traditions and like to see them perpetuated. I just wish that the commercial, you-better-out-do-everyone-else-to-prove-you're-just-as-if-not-MORE-romantic-than-the-next-guy (because, let's face it, the financial, "romantic" burden usually falls on the men if it's Valentine's Day we're talking about) aspect of them didn't loom so large. Or didn't loom at all.
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