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I'm drunk on...

...other people's words and worlds.

For the past few days, whenever I sit down to write, either nothing comes or I feel like an utter hack, something I can't set aside no matter how many times it happens to me. Not only are my own words not there, my passion is nowhere to be found.

My friend Shaz suggested I'm concentrating too much on the individual scenes and perhaps need to sit back and think about the global picture, imagine what I need and want from the story as a whole. It's true that when I do that, I get excited by the grand, sweeping saga of the whole. If only I can hang on to it long enough to work on the small pieces that needs must form that whole.

footlingagain suggested that I meditate on the story, and I've tried that, too. I never last for long, though. Too easily distracted am I.

What do you other writers do when you can't quite get into that story place?
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