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Happiness in my own backyard

I did get out on the bike to take  pics as planned. Not planned, however, was being constantly interrupted in my photographic endeavors. The advantage of Petite Terre is being able to bike around the majority of it in an hour. The disadvantage is not being able to go more than 300m without running into someone I know. Tends to slow things down. Imagine how painful it would be if I weren't such a hermity soul. :P

I did snap a few pics but had no time to upload them. In lieu of those, I'll give you a few I took in my own backyard with my new Sigma 150mm macro lens.

I imagine the hibiscus pollen as yellow caviar for the ants scurrying up and down the branches and flowers.

A new chameleon in the backyard. He's stretching out, trying to reach the clothes line from the hibiscus bush.

And he made it! And caught a tasty fly, which he is chewing. He was a bit disgruntled to be caught with his mouth full, obviously.
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