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Photo-a-(every other)day(or so) ~ Coquelicots

Poppies![1] I love the delicate poppies that grow wild in the French countryside, especially when they bloom in the thousands, creating a swath of scarlet in a field of gold or green. Imagine my surprise seeing them flourishing in a cemetery on Ile de la Réunion. I guess I shouldn't have found their presence odd though, given the hundreds of microclimates on the island.

Poppies in Hell-Bourg[2] cemetery -- Reunion Island, 12 Oct 2008[3]

[1] Please bear with me if the image size is too big. I'm learning new programs here and working with a different screen! :P And with that in mind, could you tell me how this size is for you on your monitor? I don't think it makes a difference, but in case it does, I don't want to put anyone out.

[2] The same gentleman, Anne Chrétien Louis de Hell, that gave his name to Hellville in Nosy Bé, Madagascar is responsible for the name of this village because he was governor of the island back in the days when it was known as Bourbon.

[3] I'll have other photos from this cemetery when I post some more Reunion Island vacation photos because it's pretty unique.  Too bad I didn't get to visit it alone. I could have taken more time there. :(

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