The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The New

Finally--after seven long years--Julien and I replaced the old pc (we haven't chucked it out, however; it's sitting on the workbench to my right as we speak). We still have to get the new machine fine-tuned to our preferences, which is likely going to take a while because we changed our OS from Windows XP to Linux Ubuntu. Sadly, bright snazzy uncluttered new oh-so-quiet! machine does not equate faster Internet service. That'll have to wait for a) the cows to come home, or b) we leave Mayotte because c (the provider actually providing the ADSL they've been promising for *at least* the last 2.5 years) just ain't gonna happen while we're here.

Oh, and because we didn't throw out that old machine--and because I'm going to want to use it to write while Julien works on his videos or surfs the net--we had to buy a new monitor for the new pc. And boy is it purty: Compaq 22". *pets*

In other new news, feel like drooling with me? frigg  got some new goodies in her bead store Verdante and can I just say agate and jasper?  Wow, so many pretty things, like this Mexico agate and this leopard skin jasper and this alpine agate. Yeah, I'm a semiprecious kind of gal. You can keep your diamonds, honey. And your gold, actually. Give me silver, which frigg  has as well. :P


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