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And the angels sang a rousing hallelujah

I went to see the doctor yesty, and he was...*gasp*...actually very nice and, even more important, competent! He listened to me, he examined me, and he firmly stated that he did not want to try to fix my reoccurring problems by doing the equivalent of patch-up doctoring. I had to go back this morning for some blood work and won't have the actual results back for two weeks. However, he said that he thinks it is an allergy that is "slowly eating me up." That sounds deliciously melodramatic and morbid, does it not? :P

The allergy is wearing down my immune system, tiring me, and generally making me into a sickness-magnet. Not fun, but I'm thinking it should be treatable. For the mo, I'm taking iron and potassium supplements, as well as folic acid, to boost my system and help with the fatigue.
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