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Yes, I'm spamming LJ; what of it?

Remember when I felt the power of my genius in regards to TTD? Well, it didn't take me long to plunge from those giddy heights, or, to pick up the analogy I used in that other post, for the world to rotate out from under me. In fact, it took all of a day after completing the editing pass. For, lo, I turned my attention to the query, and much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair was heard on the fair isle of Mayotte, dampened not a whit by the humid air.

I know I can write a blasted query; I did it for Witherwilds and think I was pretty successful at it.

Srila lives in fear of the day her daughter, Lelo, sings her first sresree song. For on that day, Lelo’s existence will become one of unending suffering. Such is the life of iasrees now that the wither has tainted their magic. For decades, the wither has ravaged Srila’s home, killing thousands and shriveling every vine, frond, and tree in its path. Only the iasrees’ songbarrier slows its inexorable march across the calderas and jungles of Paoqei. Every day, Srila adds her voice to the barrier, but unlike her peers, she chafes at the passive resistance. She searches for the plague’s cure or a way to alleviate the pain of fighting it, and her first efforts gain the admiration of her fellows. But an experiment ends in death, and she’s forbidden to continue.

When a trader comes to Paoqei, seeking to market his euphoria, a drug promised to quiet any pain, Srila believes salvation has arrived. However, she no longer has the credibility to persuade anyone, and with the local merchants forcing the trader off the island, her only chance to give her daughter a better future lies in breaking taboos and disobeying her elders. If she’s right about the euphoria, her people can reclaim their island. If she’s wrong, she may be the one who finishes what the wither began...


The trick? Write it before the book. Just a teensy tiny bit too late to do that with TTD. *sigh* But I will soldier on. I must...
The new icon comes from an actual game of Scrabble I played with mana_trini ; he formed "novel." I just had to add "rewrote."

Btw, we play in franglais (French+English) hence the "le." :P

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