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Hurry! Books!

With all the net probs we've been having, I completely forgot to share this.  Better World Books is running a Thanksgiving promo (10% off a purchase of $40+ and 15% off $75 or more). To get the 10% reduction, you need to type "stuffing" in the coupon field, and for the 15% it is "turkey."  In the mail I received, it said the offer was good this week. I'm hoping it means today, too. I bought 11 yesty, and I got the discount... But tomorrow...probably not going to fly.

They ship* FOR FREE in the States and $3.97/book internationally.

BUY BOOKS! I want the industry thriving for purely selfish reasons. ;)

* I'd like to support bricks-and-mortar stores--and I do for French books--but for English, I have to buy off the net. That being the case, I'd much rather my money goes toward the causes the BWB supports rather than the monster corporations that I won't name here.  Maybe you feel the same.

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