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It shall certainly take more than 80 days

Most of you know that mana_trini  is on contract here in Mayotte, and that contract is supposed[1] to end August 15, 2009. What you may not know is that he has nine months paid vacation coming to him at that time. And what is the thing this wordhack and her loving wubs are most likely to do with 9 months on their hands?

Why, travel the world of course.

Yes, I know it may be too early to talk about this, but I've already spilled my slippery proverbial beans with one or two folks already, so I might as well lay out the whole scheme here.

Of necessity, we will return to mainland France for six weeks. Family to visit; belongings to stow away; a wedding to attend; backpacks, hiking boots, and winter(!) clothes to purchase...

Then come October 1st, or thereabouts, we shall fly to the United States for two months. An obligatory visit will be paid to the family, of course, but we also plan on visiting places neither of us has seen before. On the not-even-close-to-being-official intinerary: New York City[2], possibly Vermont (*waves at rabiagale *), Chicago (if my dear friend C is still there), and then, either by plane or car, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming (Yellowstone, naturally), and Utah. The family States to visit are New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

From the States, we'll fly to Peru[3], possibly visiting Chile and Argentina while we're there. From South America, we'll hop to New Zealand, and then back to the northern hemisphere to hit Vietnam, Cambodia, and India.

We'll have 6 more weeks in France to find a place to settle before J is expected back to work.

Who else thinks this sounds like a totally rockin' experience???

[1] There is a slim chance that we could stay a fourth year, and in that case, this trip will be postponed to 2010-2011
[2] Mostly J's idea. Sorry, New Yorkers, but I could do without it.
[3] I really, really, really got get to work on improving my Spanish.

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