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The moon is once more setting in a place and at a time where I can see it. As Julien observed, it is odd to have the crescent at the top and bottom of the moon, instead of on the side.* Julien explained a few things about the camera--I've told you all before that I'm a camera dummy, and what he tells me tends to go in one ear and out the other--and then turned me loose to photograph to my hear's content. I stood in the street for an hour at least, tracking the moon's descent and experimenting with speeds, etc. I got this wonderful dramatic lighting (using the bracketing feature) just as the moon was ready to disappear behind Mont de la Ferme.

Ramadan Moon

* Not having the crescents to the right or left renders the French "la lune est une menteuse" [the moon is a liar] obsolete, a mnemonic device to tell the phase of the moon. When the moon makes a D (open to the left), it is waxing (croît, or growing, in French); and when it makes a C, it is waning (decroît).

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