The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
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Like a broken record

I don't know how many of you follow Query Shark (query_shark ), but yesterday she said something that made me sit up straight and think "uh oh."

First a quote:

The Sharked: My completed 60,000 word manuscript, NODDING PINES, is a work of literary fiction that tells the story of a broken family through the three unique voices that comprise it.

The Shark: Writing three unique voices is like going to the Writing Olympics. Just cause you look good in a Speedo doesn't make you Michael Phelps. When someone offers me a novel in three voices I cringe. Then the first, actually the ONLY, thing I do is watch how they use language. If the query letter is over written and pedantic, I have zero confidence you are the Michael Phelps of the Shark Pool.

First sign that elevates an eyebrow: that comprise it. (you don't actually need those words for a complete thought.) If you're writing three voices, you'd better have a very keen eye for extra words.

As all you Bobs know, I'm currently working on a trilogy. Told from 5 different POVs. And I have a self-confessed problem with voice.

::is in deep...water:: But then, I already knew that. ;-) Come on in, y'all; the...water's fine.

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