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Here by Glimpses Known

Ha! Now that I know to look for the chameleon in the avocado tree, I found him again this morning, and camera in hand, I set out--or rather sat in the window--to get a photo worthy of a glimpse. Alas, it shall not be a high-quality pic because he was at the top of the tree, and my window is on the ground floor; we don't have any on that side of the house on the top floor. So here he is, zoomed to the max. (We need better lenses. :-/ )

Conversation with mana_trini following the first sighting:

Me: I saw a chameleon in the garden today! ::bounces:: But I didn't get to take a picture because there weren't any batteries in the camera.
He: But they're on the desk, right by the camera.
Boring discussion ensues about batteries, in which the wubs is declared to be in the right.
Me: I sat in the garden for half an hour trying to catch another glimpse of it. No luck, but I did see it's droppings, so I--
He: Oh, do they change color, too?

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