The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Wouldn't you know

We received mail at our new addy, addressed to our new addy. An electricity bill. Anxious to see if the meter mess had been sorted, I opened it and...It was the final bill for our old meter! Yes, I know this is just fascinating business, isn't it? But I share all of this in order to say:

frigg it appears that mail is a go at the new house, so you can send my goodies whenever you are ready. Send them nownownownownow I know you have guests, so take your time and mail them NOW whenever you get a moment.

We had dinner guests last night and are having another couple over this evening. I think we've done about as much entertaining in a few weeks in this house as we did in two years in the other. That's an exaggeration, of course, but not by much. Now that we have a table and chairs (and an always-tidy house), we no longer have an excuse for not hosting the occasional supper.

Oh, and speaking of having people over. The other night, I went out on the porch to work on some research. No sooner had I settled in then I was greeted by kids on the balcony across the street. After much shouting back and forth, one of the boys told me that his sister wanted to know if she could come over. I said sure because I didn't really think she would. She's at least 14, I'd say, and super shy. Whenever she sees me, she ducks down and CRAWLS behind the if I can't still see her. O.O

But lo and behold, she did come over. And then another one wanted to come, and then another. By the end, we had two women, three girls, and four boys out on the balcony with us, not counting the shy one, who had scurried back home amidst all the comings and goings. At one  point, when the women were coming in, I went downstairs to get some soda for our guests. I heard whispering by the side of the house, so I poked my head over the porch railing and saw one a woman squatting down, PEEING.

Well, what to do? I laughed along with them, trying to convince myself that no, a grown woman was not urinating on my walkway. But yes, when I saw them out, there was the telltale wetness. And this is the woman who asked me if I needed a cleaning lady. o.O

I'm not in the habit of giving people job advice, but I'll stick this out there: Don't relieve yourself on a prospective employer's property, unless it is in the facilities designed for such purposes and you have  permission to be there, naturally.
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