The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

If this ain't heaven...

Cloudy skies and cool temperatures, sipping on a hot cocoa to keep warm. Not a usual state of affairs in Mayotte, but I'll take and with pleasure.

Yesterday, I failed to get my 750 words for the day, choosing instead to go out on the boat with mana_trini and keep an eye on him while he spearfished. That was OK I told myself because a) it was Sunday; b) it's been a while since I've been out on the lagoon. However, today being Monday and all and several weeks that we have been in our new home, I decided it was time to get into a routine that will allow me to pursue my interests in a more balanced manner. footlingagain decided that she was going to seriously tackle the writing thing again, too, so I don't feel so lonely being "good," even though I still have novel_in_90 to keep me honest on the wordcount front.

So, today has not just been one long stretch of cocoa sipping, I have also: done yoga, breakfasted, accorded myself an hour for emails and LJ, cleaned my house (including windows!), wrote for 1hr, had lunch and cleaned up afterwards, and edited a languishing manuscript for two hours. Actually, I didn't edit, per se; I started a whole new chapter one. Oh yes, I also did a bit of sewing--simple reparation, really--and read a very interesting short story by the aforementioned Footling.
Now I need to:
° Bellydance
° Work on a craft project for an hour --Guess I'll be crafting after supper.
° Work in the garden
° Do a crit

Not to mention do the whole cook-n-clean routine for supper (and J's lunch for tomorrow). This evening I shall make some serious headway on leisure reading. :)

I really love having a clean house and the well-deserved feeling that I've spent my time wisely. Happily productive, that's me.
Tags: life in mayotte, listmania, that thing called writing

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