The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

I almost forgot to share my Weird

learningtoread tagged me for this the other day, and I almost forgot to do it. Since footlingagain posted today about what a weird lot writers are, I guess this is a good time to affirm my sisterliness with the 'hood.

*deliberately leaves off rules*

Seven facts about me

1. I mostly grew up in a children's home.

2. I often dream I can fly, and when I do so, I don't look like Superman, rather I levitate, sitting (cross-legged or on an "invisible chair") or standing, and then zoom forward.

3. I sometimes get sentences or partial phrases stuck in my head, often things I want to say or wish I had said, and they play on endless, unstoppable loop.

4. My mother called me Thunderhead when I was little because I could hear a storm coming before anyone else.

5. I have an insufferable desire to be right all the time. I'm working on being wrong a little more often, though. ;-)

6. I'm left-handed. Before I learned to tell my right from my left in a consistent way (no one taught me the L trick with the left hand until I was a teen), I had to pick up something to see which hand I used naturally. Then, when I was seven, the thumb on my left hand got sliced open, giving me a nice upside-down, flipped-around J-shaped scar, and from that moment forth...instant reminder of which hand was the left. However, I still, upon occasion, tell someone to turn right when I mean they should turn left. :P

7. Neither mana_trini nor I proposed to the other. We literally just ended up getting married. Ah, the joys of not being fluent in the language of your love.

And there ends today's spamming of LJ.
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