The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Spoke too soon

The electricity situation has not, in fact, been sorted.

J understood that the lady who helped Friend-of-Soon-to-be-Neighbor knew about the situation and was able to follow the tangle. Yes, Friend did speak to nice, competent lady, but only after ferrying to Grande Terre and the not-in-the-know people INSISTING that Friend was wrong, had wrong number, and MUST ferry back to Petite Terre and check number, and nowedon'twantohearaboutswitchedlines. You. are. just. plain. wrong! CHECK THE NUMBER!

That's when Friend called back, insisted he had right number, and spoke with nice competent lady. This was Friday. She said she would send a technician. New neighbors are to arrive today. They still have no electricity.

Guess who is jumping out of her computer chair at the sound of every motor in the street?  Yeah, no one's going to cut my juice today!
Tags: life in mayotte

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