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A few months ago, mana_trini bought a beautifully made Indian cookbook, and I told him that he had to make one recipe from it per week for me. Guess how many times he's followed through on that one? o.O

Anyhow, I've been on an Indian food kick for the past week or so, and today I made naans and a Parsi dish called patra ni macchi, and oh. my. word. It was delicious. Just thinking about it as I type is making me salivate. And we have two portions waiting as leftovers. (Heaven!) I shall make it again soon and post the recipe because I can't find a similar one to link to on the net (don't want to do it now because it's in French and I don't feel like playing translator. Plus, you need pics because it's a pretty dish). For dessert, we had my Sin on a Plate, which I tweaked a bit from the first try. Equally scrumptious.

I have to get going with an exercise routine soon. Dance classes can't start soon enough to suit me.
Tags: gourmandise

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