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Wait a minute, Mister Postman!

We've now been in our new house for exactly two weeks, and we have yet to receive a single piece of mail. Wait, I take that back. The fee for opening the electrical line in our name was sent to our new address...but delivered to our old one because the postman doesn't know where the new address is. The postman. The guy supposed to know the island and its inhabitants like like no other. Granted there is more than one mail carrier here, but the island's not that big. Our old postman, knowing that we no longer live at 14 rue de la Mosquée, turned our mail over to a neighbor, thankfully one we trust and told the neighbor that we need to go to the post office and explain to him where we now live--instead of taking this up with the other postal workers.

So, mana_trini went to the post office with a map* in hand just in case and the conversation went a little something like this:

J: I need to see my postman.
Desk clerk: Go to the outside window.
J, at outside window, repeats line above adding our current address.
Clueless: What's your postman's name?
J: Um, I don't know. I've never seen him
Clueless: Where do you live?
J repeats address
Clueless: I deliver there.
J: OK, so I assume I'll now be getting my mail.
Clueless: What's your house number. Rue de la Vigie is a long road.

Narrator: There are a couple of roads named "rue de la Vigie" here. We live on a very short one.

J: I don't have a house number. Look, here's a map to my house. This is X. *points to plainy marked X* Do you know where X is?
Cluesless studies map: No
J: Do you know where Y is?
Cluesless: No
J: Do you know where Z is?
Cluesless: No.

Narrator: X, Y, and Z are ALL in the street perpendicular to the post office.

J: My landlord's name is _____; do you know where he lives?
Clueless: What does he do?
J: I'm not sure, but his wife sells tickets at the ferry office.
Clueless: Was he in the military?
J: Yes
Clueless: Ah, he's in the moving business.
J: So, can I now assume I'll be getting my mail?
Clueless: I don't deliver there, but I'll be sure to give your map to your postman when I see him.

Narrator: Riddle me this: I still have no mail because a) no one loves me, not even bill collectors, or b) Clueless is at fault?

J mentioned the problem to the landlord, and he said he would have a word with the postman.  We shall see.

*I wanted to draw the map from the post office all the way  to my door, but J thought that was taking things a little too far. Um, yeah. Score one for me, zero for J. :P (but you know I love you, darling. :D)
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