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Just a sliver

Oh the rapture, oh the joy. Tonight I saw the moon, just the tiniest sliver aglow, setting behind Grande Terre.

Forgive me for the photo quality. mana_trini tried to instruct me in technique, but the moon set before I really found a setting I was happy with.  You should have seen my moon-trails and star-scribbles (hey, that's a nice title. Don't anyone steal it.) before we got the tripod set up.

I bought a star chart when we first moved to Mayotte but didn't have a chance to use it much in the old neighborhood. Not wanting to risk rape or mugging, I never wandered off to a dark spot where I could stargaze in peace. Unfortunately, we have a streetlight right in front of the house, making it hard to see the stars. Maybe I'll have more luck in the backyard, if the mosquitoes don't devour me alive.
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