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Less of a glimpse, more of an ogle

I'm pretty sure I mentioned how happy we are to be in our new house--I did mention The HAPPY, right? :P --, but I didn't list the reasons why. They are myriad. Good thing you pulled up a chair.

Before the good, a few glimpses of the old, once the packing had begun:

And the exterior:

Now, on to the new:

The wall in the middle of the top balcony denotes where the house is divided in two, the left half--upstairs and down--is where we live. It's definitely not the prettiest abode ever, I hear you say, so what do I love about it?

First of all, the temperature! We no longer feel like we live in a concrete box set on the equator. Air circulates freely through the numerous windows...

Notice we actually have windows now, as in not just huge holes in the wall that you shutter?

... and the roof is not a flat slab of concrete that soaks up and stores the day's heat. (The true test of the heavenly indoor temperatures will be during the rainy season, but we now have ACs, in the office and the bedroom.) We also have a side porch that is protected from the noonday sun,... lunch and supper are enjoyable affairs, and we have breakfast and tea on the balcony upstairs,...

...which is north-facing and quite bright during the day (remember we're in the southern hemisphere). And with the mention of the terraces, the view!

Yes, we still have eyesores keeping the vista from postcard splendor, but we can see the sea and the sun setting behind Grande Terre (at least during this part of the year. Later, it will set behind our house). We can even see if we have time to make the ferry.

I don't know how things will be in the long run (the previous renter said that the landlord is reliable and responsive), but for the moment, it is a pleasure to live next to the landlord. He takes care of things promptly, a far cry from the situation at our previous home.

This might seem quite tangential, but I can also enjoy the rain again. As a child of arid lands, I do and always will appreciate rain, and now I can sit on my balcony and read, listening to a pitter-patter or a torrential downpouring without scurrying about, placing buckets under leaks, worrying all the while about being flooded out by rain- and sewer-water.

And the yard...

I'm not much of a gardener, and the lady who had the house before us less so, but being able to go outside and sit, without being in the street, is such a luxury. Also, mana_trini will be able to take care of his fish and his spearfishing material outside now! Our bathroom is no longer going to smell fishy. Hallelujah.  Washing out the trash can and litter box will be ever so much easier with an outdoor faucet. We can also park the car inside and even--*gasp!*--wash it from time to time. And geckos: We have geckos again, the adorable green ones. They're everywhere, and I smile every time I see one.

The kitchen is huge and actually has cabinets instead of open shelves. Goodbye dust, cat hair, and grease on my clean dishes! The kitchen is also on the north side, so it stays nice and bright throughout the day, unlike the other place where I had to turn on the light half the time to see what I was doing.

I could probably go on a bit more, but I guess that's enough squeeing for now.
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