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Home sweet home.

One week after the move, we are happily installed in our new house, and I can at last take "a day off." The home is indeed sweet, and we feel almost like we are on holiday. Here's a quick recap of the week it took to get us here.

Wednesday, July 23 - Frantic packing and cleaning and lugging all of our possessions near the front door to facilitate the move.

Thursday - I loaded up the car at 7:30am and drove to our new place to get the keys and visit the house with the landlord to make sure there weren't any problems. At 8, three of mana_trini's colleagues showed up to help him load the rest of the belongings. I stayed at the new house to start unpacking. They had everything done in three trips and by 11:00, we had left behind our old residence! The rest of the day was also filled with unpacking. J had to start work at 3am, which was the beginning of his next three-day cycle, so I pretty much had to do the unpacking and cleaning by myself over the weekend. That's not to say that he didn't help, but he had other things to do.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - more unpacking, shopping to fill the fridge back up, and dealing with electricians, plumbers, and carpenters who had to do some small jobs around the house. Not really a hassle and totally ok by us because we had said that it wouldn't bother us to have them around while we settled in--that was the condition of us taking the house before August 1st.

Monday - Paid one of our ex-neighbors to clean ex-house. Ferried to Grande Terre to take care of the utilities. Went shopping for household items. Did yard work. We have a teensy tiny yard, but it's a yard! Got our sizable deposit back from ex-landlady.

Tuesday - spent the day cooking for small house-warming/farewell party to be held Wednesday.

Wednesday - cooking, cooking, cooking, cleaning, and setting up for party. Party. (We made sooooo much food and barely had a handful of people to show up to eat it. *sigh* Still, we now have lots of leftovers and I don't have to worry about cooking for a few days. :P What did we make? Three pizzas from scratch; bbq chicken [homemade marinade and bbq sauce];  rice; creole-style lentils; rougail saucisse [spicy sausage dish in tomato sauce]; fish in coconut sauce; spicy tomato rougail [condiment for the sausage]; two kinds of homemade ice cream -- banana and rum-raisin; tropical fruit salad; and an invented chocolate dessert, which I shall call something like Sin on a Plate.)

Today - Did the few remaining dishes from last night. Rest! And now...Catching up on flist.*

Tomorrow, pc willing, I will take photos of the new place and post them as my weekly glimpse.

*We've had the net since Tuesday, but our computer went on the blink after the move and today was the first time we were able to turn it on.
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